CryptoWiz manual


About this manual

This manual covers all the functions of Blockchain Fiancial's CryptoWiz module.

It is released as-is, without any warranty, and subject to change without notice.

Document revision: 2.0. Updated on February 26, 2021.

About Blockchain Financial

Blockchain Financial is a platform for cryptocurrency related services. It provides cryptocurrency wallets with support for an assortment of coins, a multi-vendor marketplace where our premium users can sell products for cryptos, a person-to-person crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat exchange among other services described in our products and plans page.

Documents index

  • Introduction to Cryptowiz

    Briefly describes what CryptoWiz is good for and how it works and provides a quick features reference.

  • The Piggy Bank

    The Piggy Bank is a container for tips and reception of assets for non-commercial and personal use cases.

  • Websites

    If you want to receive cryptocurrencies on your own website or want to embed buttons on a CryptoWiz-enabled website, you need to add it here.

  • Buttons: the core of CryptoWiz functions.

  • The invocation code

    How to generate invocation codes to embed CryptoWiz on any website.

  • All about leeching

    Websites that allow CryptoWiz buttons from third party websites might get some revenue.

  • Analytics

    How your buttons activity is tracked.

  • Techincal specifications: for integrations.

  • Use cases

    Real world examples for how to use CryptoWiz.