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About this information

All prices are calculated using the next algorithm:
  1. BTC/USD prices are downloaded from the main prices provider and stored in the database.
  2. Crypto/USD prices are downloaded from the same source and stored in the database.
  3. Crypto/fiat prices (other than USD) are built by using fiat/fiat rate conversions.
  4. Crypto/crypto prices are converted by dividing the USD rate of each one against each other.
  5. Cryptos with sub-satoshi (BTC) prices are set to zero against BTC.
  6. Cryptos not found in remote sources are set to a 1/100 of the lowest downloaded denomination.
Important: All prices are provided as-is, taken from major online resources that normally pull information from major online exchanges. There is no warranty on their accuracy, and they're subject to change without notice.

Crypto/fiat rates powered by
Fiat/fiat conversion rates powered by
Fixer API

* Rates of certain coins might be taken from other sources.

Prices against fiat currencies (crypto/fiat)

Prices against cryptocurrencies (minor/major)

Note: Crypto to crypto rates are built by dividing the "minor" coin USD price by the "major" coin USD price, E.G.:

DOGE/QTUM = DOGE/USD (0.23162100) ÷ QTUM/USD (15.44000000) = 0.01500136

Transposed crypto/crypto prices (major/minor)

Note: This table shows the same information as the table above but transposing the rows and columns.