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About this information

All prices are calculated using the next algorithm:
  1. BTC/USD prices are downloaded from the prices provider and stored in the database.
  2. Crypto/USD prices are downloaded from the same source and stored in the database.
  3. Crypto/fiat prices (other than USD) are built by using fiat/fiat rate conversions.
  4. Crypto/crypto prices are converted by dividing the USD rate of each against each other.
  5. Recently added Cryptos with sub-satoshi (BTC) prices are set to zero against BTC.
  6. Recently added Cryptos not found in the remote source are set to a 1/100 of the lowest downloaded denomination.
Important: All prices are provided as-is, taken from major online resources that normally pull information from major online exchanges. There is no warranty on their accuracy and they're subject to change without notice.

Prices against fiat currencies (crypto/fiat)

Prices against cryptocurrencies (minor/major)

Note: Crypto to crypto rates are built by dividing the "minor" coin USD price by the "major" coin USD price, E.G.:

DOGE/QTUM = DOGE/USD (0.23162100) ÷ QTUM/USD (15.44000000) = 0.01500136

Transposed crypto/crypto prices (major/minor)

Note: This table shows the same information as the table above but transposing the rows and columns.