Taking advantage of the Giveway Trading capability

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There are times when teams want to promote their coins in exchanges and promote trading against them for some bonus without affecting market prices.

That's the single reason why we made this method here at Blockchain Financial: allow teams to trade their coins back and forth with all our listed coins in a sort of "negative fee" fashion:

  • A buy/sell order is set at market price (though it can be above or below).
  • When someone takes the order either partially or fully, they're given extra coins in a separate transaction, E.G.:
    • On buy orders, extra coins are given back to the taker.
    • On sell orders, extra coins are sent to the taker.

A special account needs to be created

Giveaway trading is allowed at account level. Multiple accounts can be created with different giveaway settings, and only our tech staff can change them:

As shown above:

  • The account has zero trading fees. This is normally set to giveaway trading accounts as help to the team, since they'll be giving coins for free.
  • The giveaway is set to 10%, and only 2 trades per user are allowed. This means that users will be given 10% back when giving coins on a sell order or will get an extra 10% of coins on a buy order.

Putting it to work

First, create an order and set the amount to buy/sell n% below the maximum, where n is the giveaway percent set to the account (10% on the example above).
Remember to tell users that this is a giveaway order on the title.

Add as many markets as you want to the order:

Customize prices and set limits as needed and submit it:

Once saved, it will become available on listings:

When someone else makes a trade on your order...

When a user picks your order to fill it partially or totally:

They get two notifications, one for the trade and another for the giveaway:

And you're notified too:

And that's all!


Remember, this feature is designed for coin teams, and it is offered at no charge at the moment.

If you want to request access to this feature, send us a message using our contact page and we'll reply ASAP.

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