How to create your own store in our marketplace

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If you're a Premium user, you can create your own shop at our open marketplace. If not, take a look at this document to learn how to fulfill this requirement.

1. Get into the marketplace and hit the "Create a shop" button:

2. Fill the form:

There are important things you need to consider:

Localization preferences:

The shopping engine provides support for multiple currencies, but you need to define a base currency for your shop. When people selects a different currency, prices will be converted automatically, but any order will have to be paid in your base currency.

If you plan to sell physical items, you'll have to set a street address for your shop.

Shipping methods:

If you plan to sell physical items, you'll have to set at least one shipping method. You can define as much as needed, specifying rates as you see fit.

Tax directives:

If you want to set tax information, you can set tax directives as needed. These can be applied down to city level, so if you want to specify different tax rates based on your shopper's location, it can be done easily.

Control settings:

On this section you can enable/disable your store, name people to help you on it and restrict access based on user level.

Payment gateways:

At the moment, we offer our payment gateway with no extra commission charges from our side.

Payments are processed through our CryptoWiz widget, and only a small fee is charged per incoming transactions as described here.

Setting up the configuration for our payment gateway is simple. When you click on the "Configure" button, you're presented with the next form:

Just click on the link at the top of the form to have a website created for you on the CryptoWiz database and attach a button to it. That'll be enough to receive payments in all the cryptocurrencies supported by our website.

Once you're all set, submit your shop and it will be ready to add products.

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