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AutoCash helps business of all sizes that sell goods or services accepting payments in cryptos from their customers and getting fiat in return using an electronic payment gateway like PayPal, Venmo and virtually any other. 

For crypto buyers

Allow business to receive payments in cryptocurrencies by buying the assets you want to support and paying over an electronic payment gateway like PayPal or Venmo.

You can setup all your rules and get your own AutoCash space, then, give the URL to potential clients.

When a client signs in in your space, you'll get a notification. Once approved, they will get access to their dashboard in your space.

You define the fee you want to charge to your clients.
BCF commission will be 10% of your fee.

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For businesses

Allow your customers to pay you with cryptocurrencies, then receive cash without having to register on an exchange or suffer posting sell orders.

You just need to sign in as client of one of our registered AutoCash merchants.

You'll get a dashboard in the merchant's AutoCash space, where you enter the fiat value of the goods being purchased by your customer and the amount of cryptos they have to pay.

Fees are defined by the AutoCash merchants, and can be as low as 0.01% over crypto deposits from your customers.

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