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About our exchange

During the last few months, we've been working hard on a trading service that merges the best of two worlds: regular crypto/crypto trading and crypto/fiat trading as an escrow.

We've had two things in mind when designing it:

  1. Uninitiated ones are first. We've built our exchange for the inexperienced on the crypto trading world: you don't need to know how online crypto exchanges work in order to successfully trade coins using our engine.

  2. With advantages for pros. If you already trade on "standard" exchanges, you'll see we stepped a bit ahead and keeping a known way to trade, added features that you're going to love.

We're still working!

We released the exchange in beta mode, and it only allows crypto to crypto trades. Once we're happy with it, we'll implement crypto to fiat trades using an escrow account so you can buy or sell coins for paper using an assortment of payment methods without us touching a "real" penny.

Main features

  • No minor/major markets defined. Normal exchanges list altcoins for trading against a handful of major markets, being these BTC, ETH and direct fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) or through StableCoins (cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currencies). We don't. We took all the cryptos we support and made a mesh so every coin can be traded for every other coin without needing to convert it to a major market first.

  • Fixed and dynamic rates. Every few minutes, a robot downloads tickers from CoinGecko, and we use that information to build rates information for all coins. When you make an order in our exchange, you can specify the price from a simple rule:
    • Trade at market rate, so your trade runs at the latest index price.
    • Define a dynamic rate with a percent above or below the index price, so you can buy or sell, let's say, 1% (above) or -1% (below) it.
    • Define a fixed rate so your trade goes at the exact price you want.

  • Multimarket orders. This feature allows you to sell an amount of coins on multiple markets at once without needing to split them. When you sell, the amount you're selling is locked. When you buy, the amount of coins you're willing to accept are locked. When a trade occurs, all amounts are adjusted against the relevant coin.

  • Automation friendly. Our exchange has an API for crypto/crypto markets. If you use trading bots like GrowBot, you should ask your bot developer to add an interface to our API! Are you a developer? Check the API documentation here.

Trading fees

During the beta testing, we've set a 0.3% trading fee, and it is applied to the order maker.

  • For sell orders, the fee will be pre-applied to the total of coins you're selling, so in the eyes of potential takers, you'll be selling a bit less than the amount you've specified.
  • For buy orders, the fee will be applied to the coins you're receiving.
  • In any case, order takers wont pay any fees.

This scheme is the inverse of the CryptoWiz scheme. In CryptoWiz, fees are applied to the user that receives the coins (the recipient) and not the sender.

There's a reason why we inverted the scheme: when crypto/fiat trading is implemented, we wont be able to charge fees over fiat transactions, and splitting fee application based on markets will generate a lot of confusion.

The interface

To enter the exchange, you just pull down the "Services" menu and hit on "Exchange":

The listings page will show you a few of the latest orders that have been created. You can use the filters area to find exactly what you're looking for.

As you can notice, multimarket orders have their child orders grouped.

If you have coins for some of the orders, you'll see a "Buy" or "Sell" button, otherwise you'll see a "View" button that will show you some insight information about the order.


How to make a buy order

How to make a sell order

How to take an order

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