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Request types

There are two request types:

  • Suggestion: select this type when you want to suggest an amount for every coin you want to support in your request. When the widget is invoked after clicking your button, the minimums will be preset and the users will be allowed to specify any amount above that.
    This type is the recommended one if you want to ask for coins converted from any fiat currency.

  • Fixed: select this type if you want to get a specific amount of any coins.
    This type is not recommended for fiat to crypto conversions.


If you defined a default coin for your request, you will only be able to specify either a fixed or a suggested amount of that specific coin. You can’t access the fiat conversion capability of the widget.

But if you didn’t set a default coin, you will be able to select from the other dynamic schemes:

  • Per-coin direct values: either on a fixed or a suggested type, you specify here the amount of coins you want to get. Just check the boxes of all the coins you want to include (all of them if you want) so the potential sender decides.

  • Converted from fiat value: either on a fixed or a suggested type, you define how many coins in a fiat currency you want to get, and check the boxes of all the coins you want to accept. There are minimums, so you must specify a value that goes above the minimums. You should try to specify an amount some cents above the minimum to avoid a loss in a price drop.

Dealing with all variations

This example shows you some button variations you can make:

Note: samples below might not reflect actual layout.

Here is the use case for each sample:

Case 1:

The user will not be able to specify any amount and only the default coin will be shown:

Case 2:

The user will be allowed to select only one from the coins you requested:

Case 3:

This case is similar to the “Fixed amount, single coin” example. The difference here lies on the ability to specify the amount to send (the coin amount input box is unlocked):

Case 4:

This one is similar to the previous, but the user can select more than one coin to and also specify the amount to send:

Case 5:

Finally, when suggested from USD is selected, the widget behaves just like the fixed from USD mode, allowing the user to select more than one coin and specify the amount to match the requested minimum:

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