User labeling system

Users can stick labels as a way to reward -or even punish- other users based on contents they submit. Whenever you click the "Label this user" link next to posts or comments, you'll be directed to this page to select and stick the label. You stick labels to users even from their profile home!


  • Everyone can get a label sticked, but only users with level 10 (Basic user) or better can stick labels to others.
  • Nobody can stick a label to themselves.
  • Once sticked, a label remains unchanged for 24 hours. Once the time expires, the same user can receive other labels.
  • Users with the level 150 (CoinMaker) and up can always stick and remove labels with no extra checks.
  • Labels are immediately sticked to target users as soon as they're submitted.
  • Abusers will have the labeling privilege removed either temporarily or permanently without notification.

Existing labels