Faucets Reload

Blockchain Financial has faucets now!

We're testing this new functionality that aims to give our coinmakers a tool they've been asking for.

This is an experimental feature

If you're a coinmaker, you'll be able to create as many faucets as you might need. Droplets will be charged straight to your account balance, and you can control the flow to suit your needs.

If you're a standard user, you can claim rewards from any faucet listed below withouth paying any transaction fees! so take a look below and get a droplet!

Please disable any ad blocker

We decided to launch this feature with zero fees and rely on Google ads to get some income. You can contribute to the cause by disabling any ad blocker. That will allow us to gain a few cents back while you get some free coins!

TRUS Protocol
Trus Protocol, fair and responsible revenue sharing
1 months ago 500-3000 TSP 30m KingDavie 2.6M TSP 31
Making Blockchain Education and Immersion Super fun for everyone!
1 months ago 8-10 SFUN 1d superfan 1.7K SFUN 29
MotaCoin $MOTA Faucet
Get free MotaCoin with BlockchainFinancial.com’s MOTA Faucet
1 months ago 0.0100042-0.0200042 MOTA 1d Jahvinci 3 MOTA 32
Digital Note
Digital Note Free Faucet
1 months ago 5-15 XDN 2h KingDavie 8.0K XDN 36
Pandacoin (PND)
Honest and fair cryptocurrency for everyone.
2 months ago 10-100 PND 30m John Moore 188.3K PND 38
Onix test faucet
We're testing our faucets module. Participate and earn some Onix!
2 months ago 1-2 ONIX 1h BCF Giveaways Bot 1 1.4K ONIX 55
HTMLcoin test faucet
We're testing our faucets module. Participate and earn some HTML!
2 months ago 4-6 HTML 1h BCF Giveaways Bot 1 3.2K HTML 46