Coin listing requests

Important: this subforum is dedicated to users that want a coin or HRC20 token listed in our system.

Coin/token makers should submit the required information below using our contact form.

All requests posted here are subject to investigation, validation and if they're approved, we'll contact you with further steps for the deployment.

Don't forget to include in your post the next requirements:
  • Coin/token details: name, symbol, issuance, contract address, etc.
  • The URL of the website that explains your token (mission statement, white paper, the team behind, social network links, etc.)
  • Any places where it is already being used or listed (if available).
  • A coin/token logo (the larger the better, PNG or JPEG).
Coin/token details:name - Digibytesymbol - DGB URLs:mission statement - paper - social network links:Twitter -…
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