About user levels in our website


Our CMS engine has a clever system for giving privileges to users based on their level.

We expanded this system and added icons to identify users in a glimpse.

The next table shows the levels and explains the privileges set on each level:

So, the next time you take a look at a username anywhere in our website, take a look at the icon and you'll easily spot if they can be trusted or not. Still, take all proper measures to protect yourself from everyone and never give out personal details when asked.

Please note that the user icons serve one purpose: identify users in our hierarchy system. If you see a label at the right of the username, that's put by someone from our community using the User Labels system.

If you're curious about how to jump to the next user level or you've been downgraded... you can't. that's at the sole discretion of our team members.
Do not ask to be upgraded or beg if you've been downgraded.


Note: privileges might change without notice.