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Blockchain Financial is a set of web based services for individuals and companies that want to make things happen with the Cryptocurrencies Ecosystem.

  • For those that don't know anything about cryptocurrencies, we offer tools that will let them receive, send and operate with an assortment of coins.
  • For those that are already riding the wave, we offer tools that will let them do all those things that they weren't able to do.

Our mission

We're not here to reinvent the wheel. We're here to make it run smoother for you, and we provide some of the most useful services you'll find on the internet, made in a way that is easy to understand and use on a daily basis.

In short, we're a bunch of people that claim to be Crypto Evangelists. We strongly believe in cryptocurrencies, and our main promise is to push them up so more people get involved and take all the advantages they offer.

Where do we come from

Back in 2014, the world was taken by storm when Facebook approved the first cryptocurrencies tipping apps. The first was for Dogecoin, and the second was for multiple coins.

The project was hosted on whitepuma.net, and persisted for almost two years, built up a massive user community and gave a home to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and dozens of other bitcoin-based altcoins.

After very active months, the tipping hype started to fade away. Then, the developers decided to jump into the next stage: bringing not only tipping, but also mining and a widget that could be embedded on websites to allow everyone to accept payments. Sadly, the work was never completed because the project started to require an unsustainable amount of resources. Then, in a painful decision, a shutdown was announced by December 2015.

A couple of months after whitepuma.net was closed, the source code was released by its creator as Open Source on GitHub. But it wasn't maintained.

Now, some of the original members of the dev and admin teams gathered up with a handful of the WhitePuma's elite users, and decided to make something good with the best pieces of the old source code. That, with fresh new ideas and the power of the BardCanvas engine, synthesized the core of Blockchain Financial.

The team

The founders

Mike Johnson
Board member and partner.
Creator of the blockchainfinancial.com domain.

Ryan Wright
Board member and partner.
Maker of the Growers Intl. coin and founder of the Einsteinium foundation.

Alejandro Caballero
Board member, partner, lead developer.
Creator of the BardCanvas Engine and lead developer of the BCF Crypto Framework.


Aras Dawn
Owner and CM of the Subspace Club community, member of the Pandacoin dev team and BCF valued associate.

Keef Ward
Owner of the Art with Teeth community and BCF valued associate.

Karl Wickman
Maker of Trollcoin and BCF associate.

Spencer Lievens
Maker of Dynamic and Sequence coins and BCF associate.

Steven Saxton
Maker of EverGreen coin, collaborator on Curecoin, Sterlingcoin, Donationcoin and BCF associate.

VIPs and Collaborators

Martin Rogers
Honorary member and BCF Public Relations representative

John Moore
Member of the Pandacoin team and BCF bugs hunter

Featured coins

The next coins are closely related to our project, and they deserve a special mention.

Growers Intl. (GRWI)

Trollcoin (TROLL)

Dynamic (DYN)

Sequence (SEQ)


Groestlcoin (GRS)

Einsteinium (EMC2)

EverGreenCoin (EGC)

Our products and services

Cryptocurrency wallet services

We currently support Bitcoin and several altcoins on which you can:

  • Deposit from any other wallet and withdraw to an external wallet.
  • Transfer to and receive from other Blockchain Financial users.
  • Keep and hold without extra maintenance fees.

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CryptoWiz: the embeddable widget

CryptoWiz is a wizard that can be used for almost anything both in our website and on any third party website that supports it. With CryptoWiz you can:

  • Register any website (or a container) that can be listed on our supported websites index.
  • Create any buttons for your website, and then send the link by email or post it on your favorite social media walls or forums so you can receive coins from everyone else.
  • Fine tune the payments you want to receive with multi-crypto and multi-fiat controls and converters.
  • By becoming a Premium User, get access to advanced settings on your website and buttons for deeper customization, even integration with external kart or shopping systems as easy as you do with major credit card payment processors.

► Learn more about CryptoWiz

► Create a website or container now

► Check the supported websites list


The Blockchain Financial Marketplace is a BardCanvas powered store where Premium users can sell goods and services using CryptoWiz as payment gateway.

Everyone with a free BCF account can purchase anything from the marketplace without paying any fees, and vendors only pay standard income fees.

Vendor accounts at the marketplace require special CryptoWiz settings, which are available for Premium users.

► Browse the products catalog

► Learn how to create your own store

Escrow exchange

So you have those thousands of altcoins and want to sell them or trade them for other altcoins directly from other people? We provide a crypto to crypto, user to user exchange with features you won't find anywhere else!

And we mean it:

 There are no major markets: trade any to any cryptocurrency directly.
 Trade on multiple markets at the same time.
 If you are part of a coin team, you can use our unique giveaway trading capability.

We're working on crypto to fiat capabilities so you can buy or sell cryptos for fiat currencies using an assortment of payment methods. Stay tuned for the release!

► Learn more about the exchange

► Take the exchange crash course

► Learn about our multimarket orders

► Learn about Giveaway Trading

For more information

Please visit our contact page and let us know your doubts. We'll be glad to assist you!

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