How to implement a faucet using our forum and CryptoWiz in Blockchain Financial

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If you want to give coins or tokens to users in a sort of faucet, you can use CryptoWiz and our forum for a quick-and-dirty solution. This document explains how.

Requirements to create a faucet

  • You need to be a registered user here at BCF.
  • You need to have enough balance to give away.
  • Tips cannot be sent with a fiat value below one cent of a US dollar. Remember that our price indexes are updated constantly, so tip sizes might have a high variance.
  • You need to define rules. Please check this sample giveaway post for guidance.

Requirements to take coins

  • Users must be registered here at BCF.

How it is achieved

You're going to create a post in our Giveaways forum. There you'll say what you're offering to the users, the rules (how often, how much, etc.) and an invitation to post a comment on that post.

When a user posts a comment, you, the author of the post, will receive an email with a link to the comment. Once you come to watch the post, you'll be able to tip the user through CryptoWiz.

When you tip someone, both will receive notifications and the transaction will be shown in both logs.

First: create a post in our Giveaways forum

1. Login into your account and hit "Forum" on our menu, then "Giveaways":

2. Hit on the "What's on your mind" input box to open the post composer:

3. Type a title clear enough to make users click. Also, type in the contents area all relevant information about your giveaway, including rules. Take a look at the test giveaway post here for ideas.

4. Once you publish the post, it'll be opened. You can copy the permalink and share it on your social networks.

Users on BCF will come in from the forum index:

Then: wait for comments and tip the users

Whenever a guest or an online user posts a comment on your post, you'll receive a notification by email.

When the comment is posted by a guest, you cannot tip them:

 That's a thing you should explain in your post!

Now, when an online user comments, you can tip them. Here's when you click on the tipping link:

Once you click on the link, CryptoWiz will open:

As you can notice, the tip will use our routing button. This will make the tip go to the user. But if the user has a Piggy Bank specified in their preferences, destination will show like this:

Just make sure that the user's button allows a coin and amount you want to give.

When you click on "Proceed", you'll be able to specify the tip:

Then, the transaction will take place:

You can close the widget now.

How to know if you already tipped someone

When you go to your coin dashboard, you can see the latest transactions on the overview tab:

But back on your post, you can check the user profile by clicking on the user name in the meta section of the comment:

Once you're at the user profile, hit the "Transactions" tab:

Then you'll see the latest transactions you've had with that user:

That's it.

If you need help, don't hesitate on going to the support area and opening a ticket.

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