We now support HRC20 tokens!

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Embracing the tokens

When we started Blockchain Financial, we went straight over bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies because it was the platform we knew better. We didn't dig into Ethereum at the time, and we still haven't.

But during the last months we've been in touch with the HTMLcoin team regarding other projects and, in order to move forward in the future, we needed to check their smart contracts implementation and get familiar with it. So, after a few days, and with the help of their integrations expert, we built the interface to HRC20 tokens.

The first HRC20 tokens being supported

It was natural for us to go over Biffy's tokens. We've saw their dev being really active in HTMLcoin's Telegram group and we didn't think twice on giving our first steps with Biffy's help. So, after confirming deposit/withdrawal tests, we ended up publishing support for two of them:

Important: the implementation of the token contracts is still experimental, so if you want to make use of each token's unique capabilities from your wallet addresses in our system, we can't guarantee that they're going to work as advertised on the Biffy's website.

That being said, you can deposit Biffy tokens in your portfolio and trade them in our exchange, collect more through your CryptoWiz piggy bank or even sell goods or services in our marketplace.

Are you a token maker? Send us a listing request!

If you created an HRC20 token, send us a request and include:

  • Token details: name, symbol, issuance, contract address, etc.
  • The URL of the website that explains your token (mission statement, white paper, the team behind, social network links, etc.)
  • Any places where it is already being used or listed (if available).
  • A coin logo (the larger the better, PNG or JPEG).

Please note that you need to have those minimal requirements if you want us to check your token.

Once we check your request we'll get back at your with further steps for tests and release (if eligible).

Post a request now


Updates wrap-up

Putting the HRC20 tokens implementation aside, we've been fixing issues and adding stuff to our systems in our continuous development train. Here's the wrap-up 

API client updated to version 1.2.3:

  • Fixed signing issues in wallet class methods.

Exchange updated to version 1.5.4:

  • Fixed flaw in transactions repository that led to an exploit (as reported on this post).
  • Partial implementation of trading with fiat currencies (not yet released).

Portfolio updated to version 1.9.0:

  • Tuned transactions validator.
  • Added withdrawal time thresholds.
  • Tuned withdrawal error notifications.
  • Tuned details in the coins manager.
  • Tuned details on transaction browsers.
  • Tuned price indexes page.
  • Fixed issue when calculating network fees on withdrawal.
  • Added min withdrawal amounts for all coins.
  • Fixed wrong amounts reported in deposit confirmation notification.
  • Added driver for Bitcoin core 0.20.
  • Added support for HTMLCOIN tokens.
  • Fixed wrong deposit sums for user balances.

Website template updated to version 1.2.2:

  • Added setting to simplify the home layout for logged in users.

Next steps

We're still dealing with the recovery of stolen funds. We'll update the post we published about it back in December and notify over our social network channels.

We're back with the crypto/fiat trading capability in our exchange. We plan to have it complete by the end of this month.

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