Triklet is a Help Desk software solution built for the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with two primary goals in mind: easy to use and resourceful.


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LAVA SoftWorks

Full description

Triklet: a Help Desk that gets you out of paying fees

Hosted Help Desk solutions can be cheap, but you get limitations. And if you want better services, you end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. And if you decide to host your Help Desk yourself, you end up having an ugly or flawed piece of software, or having to pay support fees. Not anymore.

Triklet is a Help Desk software solution built for the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with two primary goals in mind:

  1. It must be easy to useAnd we mean it. Triklet is as simplest as it can be in the eyes of your agents and dead simple in the eyes of your customers.
  2. It must be resourceful. Triklet is customizable and extensible. You can tune configuration in a way many developers oversee and create modules to do those extra things you need, like exchanging data with your homegrown systems.

Triklet is a feature rich Web Application

  • It is multilingual. Okey, we only have US English and Latin American Spanish at the moment, but we can translate it to any other language anytime upon request without extra charges.


  • It is template based, so you can pick a skin to suit your needs. You can even download other templates or make your own.


  • It is fast. All modules are made with as less clutter as possible with data driven design patterns.


  • It is lightweight, so you don't need to lease a monster server to host it. A small VPS can do it.


  • It is extensible. You can create modules that can extend the Triklet modules to pull and/or get customer data from your homegrown systems, send additional notifications, modify the data and virtually anything you can imagine.
  • It has the things you look for, and even more:

    • It has a Canned Responses editor.
    • It has customizable content and notification templates.
    • Agent shifts can be defined, and you can opt to just send notifications or automatically assign incoming tickets to the current shift.
    • It has a spammers control subsystem so you can flag spammers and keep them out.
    • It has a small web mail client so you can delete unwanted emails with ease.
    • It has a Media Gallery so you can search all image attachments of your customers by keywords.
    • It automatically converts video files to MP4 so they can be played on any device.
    • It can run on clustered environments, so if one single server doesn't fit your needs, you can get it on as many servers as you need without paying more.

There's a lot extra to see. Take a look at the FEATURES PAGE or the SCREENSHOTS page to learn more.

Triklet gives you more for your money

We at LAVA SOFTWORKS have a strong commitment with our customers satisfaction. We have been making awesome things for years, and the quality of our creations speak for ourselves. For this reason, we offer a great balance in cost/value for your money:

  • Triklet has no limitations. You can create as many agent accounts you want, receive any amount of attachments of any size and a database as big as your server allows itYou set the limits, not us.
  • The license is for life. No extra fees to pay.
  • Tech support is included. You don't need to pay extra fees for tech support from us.
  • Updates are for life. As long as we keep updating Triklet, you get the updates without paying anything.

Based on Open Source software

Triklet is built on top of the BARDCANVAS engine, an Open Source multi-purpose engine and Content Management System made in PHP, authored and heavily maintained by LAVA SOFTWORKS dev staff. This gives Triklet an advantage over its competitors, because it allows you to extend your system even more with both free and commercial modules released on the BARDCANVAS WEBSITE.

Your purchase entitles you for a portable license key

When you confirm your order, you'll receive a token and instructions to download and install Triklet. This token is a license key that you can reuse if you need to migrate your installation to a different domain.