BardCanvas Forum Bundle

Turn a website into a dedicated forum or a mixed blog/forum. Keep track of clones, add a posts changelog and a chat.


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Full description

This package includes, for starters, the same components of the Magazine Bundle:

  • The components of the BardCanvas Base Bundle.
  • The Comments Logger, that allows you to track all operations made in comments, including editions, reports to the webmaster, flagging as spam, etc.
  • The Enhanced Security module, that allows you to block trolls by IP, segment, hostname, and if your server has the GeoIP module for PHP installed and the proper databases are set, you can even block entire countries.
  • The Comment Likes module will allow your users to upvote/downvote comments on posts.
  • The Polls module will allow you to attach polls to posts and even feature them on the right sidebar.
  • The Post Ratings module will add a 5 stars rating control on posts so guests and users can rate your contents and give you detailed rankings.

But it also contains the next premium modules:

  • User Semaphores, a report that is accessible from the user profile page and shows you all IPs a user has connected from and other users connecting from the same IP. Useful to detect clones and spammers.
  • Posts Logger, to keep track of all changes made to posts.
  • Categories Forumizer, that turns categories into forums.
  • Messaging, a web chat and private messaging solution.

These additions will allow you to have a mixed blog/forum or a single powerful forum!



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