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BCF | THC Breaking New Ground

We’ve been at it since 2014, working hard to bring cutting-edge financial technology to the agricultural industry. That’s before the first DAO, before the Ethereum or Bitcoin hard forks, before the epic 2017 bull run, and well before the rise of…

Warning: we don't send personal messages

If you receive an SMS or a message from Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. from someone saying anything about your account in BCF (compromised, hacked, requiring personal info, etc), it's a lie.

We only contact our users through our helpdesk system and using a specific email address:
If we need to contact you by email, you'll be told in advance over a ticket and our agent's contact info will be provided.

Protect yourself and help us protecting your personal details by reporting to us over our support system when you're contacted outside of our scope before giving details to the suspect.