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In Blockchain Financial, we're always looking for easy ways to allow everyone embracing cryptos. Two months ago we implemented person to person fiat/crypto trading on our exchange, but there was a feature that we (me, Mike and Ryan - the founding members) envisioned from the beginning but left unchecked for a later time.

It was late night of past 8th of January when, in a conversation with Jahvinci from the MotaCoin team, the idea became clear.

April 20th (aka 420) was going to be a huge date for the legal Cannabis industry, and MotaCoin was working hard on bringing great use cases for their asset. So we discussed about bringing Cannabis dispensaries a way to accept payments in MOTA by their customers and receiving cash in return from some liquidity providers that were willing to buy MOTA with fiat.

So I unarchived the original idea, and after taking the dust off from it, offered a solution that would do the job. We discussed it with other members of the MotaCoin team on their Telegram group and got great input.

It wasn't until the middle of March that I was able to put my hands on coding. And prior the big event, AutoCash was brought online in pre-release mode. It took Javinci and I some days to make live/final tests and squash some bugs before making the announcement.

420 is here, it is today, and we're officially releasing AutoCash.

I'd like to thank Javinci for his help. AutoCash was an idea that came to life because he helped me driving it on the right path.

Jahvinci: you're a visionary. AutoCash is proof of it.

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— Alejandro Caballero
Lead developer at Blockchain Financial.

What's AutoCash?

AutoCash helps business of all sizes that sell goods or services accepting payments in cryptos from their customers and getting fiat in return using an electronic payment gateway like PayPal, Venmo and virtually any other.

If you want to buy cryptos with fiat:
become an AutoCash merchant and create your AutoCash space

Allow business to receive payments in cryptocurrencies by buying the assets you want to support and paying over an electronic payment gateway like PayPal or Venmo.

You can setup all your rules and get your own AutoCash space, then, give the URL to potential clients.

When a client signs in in your space, you'll get a notification. Once approved, they will get access to their dashboard in your space.

If you want to accept cryptos from your customers:
find an AutoCash merchant and sign-in for your customizable dashboard

Allow your customers to pay you with cryptocurrencies, then receive cash without having to register on an exchange or suffer posting sell orders.

You just need to sign in as client of one of our registered AutoCash merchants.

You'll get a dashboard in the merchant's AutoCash space, where you enter the fiat value of the goods being purchased by your customer and the amount of cryptos they have to pay.

I want to learn more

Check the full info page

Do you have a legal Cannabis dispensary?

Check the MotaCoin kickoff video for CryptoCannabis availability in AutoCash:

Some considerations

As of now, only manual payment methods are allowed. Once we get payment gateways that accept automated payments off of credit cards, We'll implement them and notify it here.

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