A much-wanted feature has been deployed: Faucets!

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Some time ago we've been asked to add faucets support to our systems. It took us a while to fulfill the request, but we finally made some room for development... and delivered!

There are 5 faucets running already!

If you want to get some coins...

Just get to our faucets index and pick one...
Or all of them!
If you want to give coins out...

If you're a "CoinMaker", you already have access to the composer.
Just head to the faucets index and hit "Create faucet".

How do they work?

Pretty straightforward: just open a faucet from the index, read any information from the author and scroll down to the droplet widget that will look something like this:

Once the counter goes to zero you'll get a captcha challenge, then, you'll get a reward!

No fees charged at all

Nobody pays any fees in our faucets system, neither the owners or the recipients.

Now... there are ads. We rely on ad impressions/clicks for sustaining the system, so, if you use any adblocker, please turn it off and let us throw some ads at you. It won't hurt you and we'll get some cents in return.

There's only one base requirement

You need to have an account in our website. You won't be able to claim any droplet from any faucet without an open session.

Some faucets might require something extra, like having 2FA enabled on your account, but that's up to the owners. You'll get the idea once you visit them. 

Fully pledged, yet experimental

We are consantly bombarded by bot networks that love to milk stuff without any effort.

Our faucet scripts were made with that in mind, and even though we added some checks based on known behaviors, we are testing the implementation.

And there are statistics shown to the public! Each faucet has some info and a chart at the end of the page! We thought it would be cool to have that visible somewhere, so we added it.

More to come

A couple of the initial faucets were set with a small amount of resources (namely ONIX and HTML) for tests, but once they're depleted, we'll talk with the Onix and HTML teams to bring forth some nice, fat faucets for all of our users.

Right now, the owners provide the funds for their faucets, but later on we'll allow them to choose if they want to allow contributors.


Go to the faucets index now!


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