MotaCoin is now supported

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There has been a collaboration of the GrowersCoin team with the MotaCoin team for some time now, and to celebrate it, we added support for Motacoin here at BCF.

What is MotaCoin?

From their website:

With the legalization of cannabis sweeping across the globe, new logistical problems have emerged. Due to the distribution of power between state and federal governments, the United States has a unique payment solutions landscape given its legal variances as you travel across it.

The banking sector is under heavy pressure from the federal government to forego payment services to cannabis related businesses. This complicates the business models by needing to rely heavily on cash, which among other things makes it harder to put that money back into the business.

Using the tried and tested technology of Bitcoin, with some slight modifications (largely thanks to peercoin), we have a payment network that is powered by a decentralized, trustless, consensus based cryptographic solution mining model based on very large numbers.

MotaCoin runs two different concepts of mining side by side: the two different mining solutions known, are Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. The X13 algorithm which MotaCoin uses, has optimized the mining process by running the two different mining models side by side. This allows miners to compete in the realm of proof of work, and the stakers on the proof of stake system. Having two vibrant mining ecosystems to check and balance each other, is something that allows for distributed risk and increased resistances to malicious activity.

What can you do with MotaCoin?

Here at BCF, MotaCoin has been fully integrated in our systems:

Send/receive and transfer MotaCoins using our online wallet services

Create a CryptoWiz button and share the link everywhere to receive tips

Purchase goods or pay for services using our marketplace

Trade your MotaCoins for every other coin we support on our exchange

And if you upgrade from a normal to a premium account, you can:

  • Create advanced CryptoWiz buttons to use BCF as a payment gateway
  • Create a store in our marketplace and sell goods or services for MotaCoin and other cryptocurrencies

Join now!

But that's not all!

By joining the Grower Club you can use your BCF account to get the next advantages:

Set your BCF API keys and get tipped in the forums

Create a shop at the Grower Supplies site and sell goods for MotaCoins and other cryptocurrenices

Gain access to GrowBot and use the automatic trading tools on our exchange, Unnamed, Bittrex and other exchanges!

Click here to learn about the Grower Club

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Jul 17, 2020 1:17 AM (9 months ago)

Thank you for integrating MotaCoin into your excellent system!!

We are honored, and excited!

Many thanks to the GrowersCoin & Blockchain Financial teams, we look forward to bringing value to your projects!

Founder, MotaCoin 

0 Guest
Jul 17, 2020 1:48 AM (9 months ago)

You're most welcome :) ...and there's a great project being cooked... we're sure you'll like it. Just be patient, it isn't ready for showing it off.

PS. your account here has been promoted to the "CoinMaker" level. You're a VIP now 🙂

0 Guest
Ravi Halai
Jul 19, 2020 7:32 PM (9 months ago)

Really looking forward to testing driving the Growbot!! 

Jul 20, 2020 1:32 PM (9 months ago)

You can have a free account upgrade. Check this news post: