GrowersCoin/Onix swap


GrowersCoin is being migrated to Onix, and we're sponsoring the swap at no cost for you.

Swap ratio: 75 ONIX per GRWI

GRWI taken

ONIX given


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How to send GRWI from your wallet to BCF

Important: If your wallet doesn't launch, please head to the Growers Helpdesk and submit a ticket to get help:

Request support now

Someone from the Growers Team will reply as soon as possible to help you out taking your coins into BCF to swap them.

1. Open the portfolio from the top menu:
2. Locate GRWI and enter the dashboard:
3. Hit the "receive" tab:
4. Generate a deposit address:
5. Copy the generated deposit address and send your GRWI to it.

GRWI deposits take a couple of minutes. You'll be notified once the deposit kicks in.

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