Growerscoin is having issues, we're helping out to stabilize their network

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Some days ago, the domain went down, taking the GrowersCoin network with it.

Right now, most wallets won't sync because they won't find the DNS seeds.

Most of the Growers website pages are down at the moment, so there's no way to find help.

Resources to get things done

Block explorer

(None available)
Blockchain Snapshot
1.69 GB • Up to block 2,132,535

Important: you should download the blockchain snapshot if your wallet is stuck.

You'll need to add nodes to the growers.conf file

In order to connect to the available nodes on the network, you'll need to edit the growers.conf file on your desktop and append these lines before launching it:


If you need help, please use our contact form and we'll provide assistance.

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