GrowersCoin/Onix swap resumed

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A few weeks ago we suspended the GRWI/Onix swap. Now it is resumed!

The bot account was replenished and we added a couple of features that weren't present before:

  • Now you can decide how much GRWI you want to swap at a time.
  • You can see how much ONIX are available for swapping at the moment.

As previously set, if for some reason our bot ends up without ONIX, the wallet manager will be warned so he can replenish the bot again.

There is a new rule

We've been asked by the Growers team to raise the security level on the swap, and to fulfill that request, we added two limitations:

  1. You need to become a trusted user

    We need to know we can trust you and you can provide proof of the GRWI you own. We won't allow users to swap GRWI that have been stolen.

    The "trusted user" level is part of our user levels system, and that level isn't easily obtained.

    To become a trusted user, you need to head over our support page once you login and submit a ticket requesting us to level you up. We'll get back at you and discuss the requirement privately.

    Learn more about our user levels system.
  2. You need to complete our KYC procedure up to level 3

    We have a Tiers system tied to KYC details for trading against fiat currencies in our exchange. We're relying on that system to identify users of the GRWI/ONIX swap, and the current requirement stands at the 3rd tier - you need to provide a photo or scan of an id so we have it on file. But to get to level 3, you first need to enable 2FA to get to tier 1 and verify a cell phone number to get to tier 2. Just go to edit your account and fill the requirements in the corresponding sections.

    Learn more about the tiers system

This information is also present on the Swap page.

There's plenty of time to swap

If you haven't swapped your GRWI because your wallet won't open, remember that the Growers team is available on their support system to help you out. You just need to head over there and drop a support request.

Go to the Growers International support website

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