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Welcome to BCF's Onix faucet

Are you waiting for the Onix giveaway to come back anytime soon? Well, in the mean time, you can earn some Onix from us!

The process is simple: login and come here. You'll get chances to claim a random amount between 2 and 4 ONIX every two hours!

Coins will be credited to your Onix wallet on BCF and you won't pay any fees!

But that's not all: this faucet has a jackpot

After hitting a reward, an algorithm will throw a dice for you, and if you're lucky enough, you'll get a random amount between 12 and 18 ONIX!

You don't need to do anything special, just participate!

Some limitations are in place

If you just created an account in our website, you'll have to wait one hour before your first attempt on this faucet, so, be patient and wait for the right time.

There are some anti-bot controls in place, so you might experience some annoyances. We apologize in advance, but we just can't stand cheaters.


Try it now!

Scroll down and use the control to get a droplet.


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Faucet statistics

Droplets served
ONIX distributed
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Jackpot hits
[ { "type": "scatter", "name": "AssetsDistributed", "mode": "lines+markers", "x": [ "2023-01-26", "2023-01-27", "2023-01-28", "2023-01-29", "2023-01-30", "2023-01-31", "2023-02-01", "2023-02-02" ], "y": [ 9.969814, 13.9127684, 9.4545495, 16.2405468, 13.2666085, 18.4199598, 15.5159191, 10.6789915 ] } ]