AutoCash has been restricted to tier 4

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When we designed AutoCash, we thought on a B2B tool for people wanting to provide liquidity to any of our listed crypto assets by allowing them to become buyers for shops wanting to bring crypto payments for their customers, cutting down the steps for them to get cash for accepted cryptos.

We received a lot of merchant registrations in AutoCash, and the vast majority was people that didn't understand what AutoCash is made for, and they just saw it as another way to cash out their assets.

Because of that, we had to disable all of them and raise a restriction for using AutoCash. Now, if you want to become an AutoCash merchant, you'll have to become tier 4.

We'll review all applicants and only allow those that raise their tier to level 4 and tune their AutoCash elements with proper information.

This decision is crucial for us, since we can't allow legit shop owners to register in AutoCash spaces of people that doesn't have an idea of what they're doing.

If you have been affected by it, the next time you go to your AutoCash dashboard you'll be asked to take the proper measures if you want to recover your AutoCash space. Once you do it, we'll review your details and give you green light if you put some effort at it.

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