Are Blockchain Financial wallets secure?

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Yes. Our wallet servers are located across several providers. They only host the coin daemons and no other services any hacker might exploit.

Every coin daemon is jailed in its own user space, so if a flawed daemon allows a hacker to break in, it won't be able to go outside and break other coin daemons.

The daemon RPC APIs are secured so they can't be accessed by any location outside of our main website server, and this server is heavily secured and constantly monitored against hacks.

Our website server constantly rejects bruteforce attempts, and we have a huge+increasing blacklist of bogus locations that attempt to break in.

Our domain hosting accounts are up to date, secured with 2FA and constantly monitored.

Our in-site administrative accounts are secured with 2FA. The email addresses tied to them are hosted in tier 1 email providers with several security measures in place.

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