We'd setup a Onix SuperStaker

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During the last days we helped out the Onix team in bringing up a network of SuperStakers to help the coin have a constant influx of blocks and a fallback measure when big stakers come in place.

The effort was not only setting up our SuperStaking pool, but help out with the documentation they delivered.

What is a SuperStaker?

The Onix core wallet has a feature called "offline staking". Using this feature, you delegate your coins to a SuperStaker so he puts your coins to work without the need (for you) to have your wallet open.

Delegation of coins is simple: you allow the SuperStaker to use your coins for staking, but you don't lose control of them. They never leave your wallet, and you can cancel the delegation at any time.

We started out with 250k ONIX

Our CEO has been a GRWI holder for a long time. He decided to swap part of his GRWI for ONIX and throw that amount as the initial funding of our SuperStaking pool.

Onix fans at BCF will get benefit of that, because we'll later see how our earnings go on the pool and, after deducting costs, we'll make Onix rain in our website!

Join our pool!

Check our listing at the Onix SuperStakers forum

If you took your Onix out of our online wallet, you can put them to stake in our pool by delegating them to our SuperStaker. Just follow the instructions on the next doc:

How to delegate your Onix to a SuperStaker

If you have some thousands of Onix and a PC that you can leave always on, you can join the competition and create your own SuperStaker.

How to create a SuperStaker

Be ready for more

We strongly recommend you to keep your Onix and don't dump them. We are planning to include in-wallet staking. Just give us some days to figure things out before starting to work on the implementation.

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Nov 9, 2021 6:32 PM (1 years ago)

Nice move #ONIX 😍😍

0 Eugene allam Guest
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