January 2022 updates rollup

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Our previous updates rollup announcement was around 4 months ago. A lot has been happening since then.

There have been changes in management and security policies, enforced with system updates that were announced in time.

Among all chnages, the most important ones are the next:

  • We completely restructured the price indexes and our price assignment policies. Info about the changes in the algo is shown on the Price Indexes page here.
  • We optimized the IP change detection algorithm to ease annoyances on standard users that connect from their phones with providers that have a very high IP rotation rate.
  • We added a Telegram tipbot and deployed it in our official group among others. We'll announce it on a separate post.
  • We made optimizations in our website menu for mobile devices.


If you want deep information, here's the detailed list of changes:

API client updated to version 1.2.7:

  • Added support for account/sendtoaddress method.

Portfolio updated to version 1.17.7:

  • Added crypto price indexes in the coin info page.
  • Added wording to the price indexes legend.
  • Added flag for locally owned accounts in the `public/validateaddress` API method.
  • Fixed name of Phillippine peso.
  • Extended timeout in communication with the HRC20 tokens interface.
  • Added several of admin updates to ease maintenance.
  • Tuned top chart when timing is provided.
  • Fixed missing amount of received assets by wallet address.
  • Added admin options to identify trusted users.
  • Relocated receive intro markup above the address generating form in the single coin dashboard.
  • Removed local rates injection over downloaded price indexes in preparation for next changes.
  • Added withdrawal cooldown for new accounts.
  • Added disclaimer for fiat currencies.
  • Tuned withdrawal processing.
  • Added account/sendtoaddress API method.
  • Added v2 of the ticker fetcher, basing rates from USD values instead of BTC.
  • Changed method for getting the last time the price indexes was updated.
  • Removed unavailable assets from the grid/table views and the selector.
  • Tuned price index listings in the single coin info and global pages.
  • Removed fallback prices on the ticker fetcher.
  • Added IP-based impersonation checks for withdrawals.
  • Added option to deny withdrawals at settings level.
  • Added treatment of empty data on coin prices chart.
  • Implemented withdrawal cooldown after account has been changed.
  • Fixed issues in the fiat ticker fetcher.
  • Added patches for sub-satoshi valued coins
  • Added restriction to the user transactions tab.
  • Tuned output of the price indexes table.
  • Added v3 of the ticker fetcher (implemented "1/100" rule).
  • Input sanitization on the coins repository.
  • Tuned language file.
  • Optimized the transaction browsers.

Exchange updated to version 1.9.5:

  • Added checks to prevent warnings on the listings renderer.
  • Tuned the latest trade rates fetcher.
  • Fixed missing date in after-trade rate updater logs.
  • Added enforcement of user tiers.
  • Implemented market trade ratios to avoid the exchange being flooded by massive dumps.
  • Lifted trade ratio for user tiers level 3 and up.
  • Tuned some notifications.
  • Increased form taking timeout from 10s to 30s.
  • Tuned price checks on order save and taking amounts for validity.
  • Tuned links to orders in the notifications sender.
  • Added a handful of admin updates to ease maintenance.
  • Tuned trade admin tools.
  • Tuned checks for tier settings on the account editor.
  • Removed local rates injection over downloaded price indexes in preparation for next changes.
  • Added sender info to trade conversation.
  • Added type (buy/sell) to order details in overview and single trade pages.
  • Added enforced order cancellation for admins to undo some damage inflicted by scammers on fiat orders.
  • Added support for conversions based on USD instead of BTC (ticker fetcher v2).
  • Removed fallback prices on the ticker fetcher and rate calculators.
  • Added check for trade orders submitted at market/dynamic prices on zero priced coins.
  • Added fix for expiration date filter on the `exportable_data_repository::find_open_orders_from_user` method,
    used on the `exchange/getopenorders` API method.
  • Added color handling for the expiration date on the orders admin browser.
  • Added checks for expiration dates in listings.
  • Tuned expiration info on the order overview page and trade order info section.
  • Moved order expiration check from editing to saving.
  • Added check for expiration when taking orders.
  • Added expiration info on the listings.
  • Tuned price registering method.
  • Input sanitization on multiple points.
  • Modified methods to equalize the portfolio transaction browser optimizations.

CryptoWiz updated to version 1.4.5:

  • Added account level check on the transactions tool.
  • Input sanitization on buttons and websites repositories.

BCF display helper upgraded to version 1.1.2:

  • Added current user IP/location/device info at the footer.

AutoCash dashboard updated to version 1.0.4:

  • Fixed retailers listing issue.
  • Added missing link for coin removal on the conduits list.
  • Restricted dashboards to tier 4.
  • Added some internal API checks.

Template updated to version 1.4.0:

  • Optimized top menu for mobile phones.


More to come

Now that the price indexes are fully pledged, we'll start the listing process in CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. We'll post progress announcements when available.

That's all for now. Feel free to use the comments system below to ask for any doubt you might have.

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Feb 1, 2022 10:23 AM (2 years ago)

What a success!

Feb 1, 2022 12:01 PM (2 years ago)

good  job BCF...waiting for BCF to be listed in coingecko and coinmarketcap!


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