New table mode in the portfolio, extra email notifications, extra security locks on the exchange, and more

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Yes, we listen to our users!

We are always open to make changes and add things to our systems when users ask us for them, and since most of the time we get good ideas, we barely discard requests.

So here we list recent changes that you might have noticed.

An annoying function was changed

Previously, when you clicked on a link that copied something to the keyboard, you got an alert on the browser that you had to close by clicking on a button.

That was part of the underlying engine, but since we have our hands in the BardCanvas engine, we took the time to make a small change to make copying less annoying.

So, now, instead of having that alert showing up after copying, you'll get a standard "noty" notification (at the bottom left side of the window), but it will suicide after a second.

Small cosmetic changes to the exchange and enhanced fixes

Here's the list of changes that have been deployed:

  • Added some secret checks to prices in order taking. Don't tell anyone about it.

  • Added visual min/max/balance/send/receive alerts on order taking form. Yes, they are included in the backend script, but we wanted to make users aware of some mins and maxes needed to be fulfilled if the order has them defined.

  • Removed unneeded empty transactions check on order deletion. That was letting users unable to delete orders that had no transactions.
  • Added note about transaction settings in the composer's information area. This for users that wanted to limit the transactions using mins/maxes and amounts stepping.

  • Fixed wrong symbol reported on low balance warnings when taking an order. Almost nobody noticed it, but those who did found it weird.

Fiat to crypto exchange coding has progress

We had to step away from this implementation due to multiple tasks we had to accomplish on other implementations, but we came back and made some progress.

The next additions are still unreleased, you won't be able to see, but we wanted to let everyone knows about them:

  • Added open order days and hours information in main orders browser and listings, so everyone can see when an order is being listed but it isn't available yet.

  • Filtered out disabled coins from fiat to fiat matrix on the order composer. We have a few disabled coins that didn't make it to the final tests, but they were being shown there.

  • Improved details output in order payment methods. People typing details for payments being taken on an order will be able to beautify them a bit.

  • Tuned listings layout to dismiss unavailable payment methods. This caused some orders to be listed but nobody could take a peek at them.

  • Added warnings to taking forms when has no available payment methods. That's in case a maker shares a link to an order on social networks but it has limits on payment methods.

CryptoWiz also had some fixes

This module didn't receive much changes, but they were needed.

  • Added account search by display name in addition to username in transaction controller. This prevented wrong account searches when CryptoWiz is used to send cryptos to email addresses.

  • Implemented tips by user id instead of email for recipients without a piggy bank. This is completely local and needed in BCF so the right targets are selected as recipients.

  • Fixed issue with wrong account property used in the widget. $account->_exists is not the same as $account->exists. An underscore was missing and wreaking havoc in very specific cases.

The portfolio had a facelift

Finally, we implemented a view selector on the portfolio. Now you can switch between the default grid view to the new table view.

You can also hide wallets with zero balances in both modes!

Other changes deployed: 

  • Tuned fiat ticker fetcher price assignments logic and added fallback to 1 sat on unlisted coins. This was needed because of HRC20 tokens being listed for the first time in an exchange. Any new coin/token that isn't liste anywhere will have a fallback price of 1 satoshi.

    We might change this in the future, but we'll leave it for the time being.

  • Tuned messages column in transaction browser. Now you see further details when using the transactions browser.

  • Added deep checks and debugging info in transaction messages on failed deposits. This was a mandatory step since we already had issues with deposits for a couple of HRC20 tokens.

  • Added manual authorization for withdrawals. This might be a bit annoying, but we it is a big security measure we'll leave on for some time. Obviously, a notice has been added on the withdrawal forms.

  • Some cosmetic tuning to the portfolio grid view.

  • Multiple changes to improve admin tasks.

New transactions tab in user profiles

When you click on a user name, you get to that users profile page. We added a tab there:

When you hit that tab, you'll see different transaction lists depending on who you are:

  • Admins can see everything 

  • If it is your profile, you'll see your latest transactions on all assets.

  • If it is someone else's profile, you'll only see the latest transactions you made with that user.

Guests won't see that tab.

More is coming

We're with our fingers all over the fiat to crypto capability in the exchange, close to completion. We hope to have it done within the next days.

Stay tuned! Follow us in Facebook or Twitter to receive notifications when we release it!

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