Debugging: check. Improvements: check. Additions: check.

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Before starting, we'd like to send kudos to John Moore from the Pandacoin team for being an awesome guy and helping us spot a couple of those bugs that tend to hide from plain sight.

Thank you, John!

What's been cooking

We've been working hard to make our exchange a first class product. During the last days we've fixed and improved a bunch of systems, added cool stuff and prepared a big thing. Here it goes:

Website template updated

Negligible, we know, but a few tweaks here and there helped us mark small differences in styling.

CryptoWiz issues fixed.

As mentioned at the top, we fixed a quotes escaping issue that thrown an error when submitting a tip from a page that had single or double quotes in the title.

We also added internal treatment to the transaction metadata controller so data can be pulled back later with a performance raise.

The portfolio got stuff added

The user selector for transferring coins has been improved so you can search users by email.

We added a price indexes page that shows the latest rates for all the supported coins pulled from external sources and the computed ratios for all operations:

You can find a link to this page on the "Info" menu and on the exchange. Here too.

The portfolio had an API, but a basic one

Six months ago, the beta stage of GrowBot started. Since Growers International is one of our partners, we've been helping integrating our systems with theirs, and part of that integration was an API for wallet ops that was kept undocumented -and officially unreleased- until now.

We refactored that API, made it extensible, and added endpoints for trading. More of that below.

The exchange received a lot of updates

Fixes and enhancements

  • Now you can see the ids of your orders when browsing the listings.
  • We fixed wrong symbols in buy order transaction descriptions. Actually, we standardized the descriptions as being shown in the transactions browsers (both in the Portfolio and the exchange's "My trades" page).
  • We added links on the title to the exchange help doc and the portfolio price indexes page.
  • We fixed a pagination issue on filtered listings (there was no way to move ahead page 1).
  • We fixed an internal confusion triggered by navigating a filtered listing that rendered user orders only, so if you wanted to browse certain markets you wont see anything but your own orders.
  • We added market stats on market search results, so when you browse a specific market (E.G. TROLL/DOGE), you will see the OHLC and volume information for the last 24 hours.

Added API endpoints

Going back to the API, we added several endpoints that allow developers to make interfaces to our services for developing automated trading solutions.

If you're interested on the API, you can read the documentation portrayed above on the "Docs" menu, or here.

The API in action

And if you're wondering if there is any automated trading solution already using it... the answer is Hell yes: GrowBot!

GrowBot is now interfaced with our services to allow GrowersCoin holders trading in all GRWI markets here!

We discussed with the guys at Growers International about access for non GRWI holders, and they agreed on giving account upgrades for free!

That's right, you can get a free account upgrade at Grower Tools to use GrowBot!

You just need to follow the next steps:

  1. If you haven't created an account at our website, do it now.
  2. Head to the Grower Tools account registration page and create an account.
  3. Confirm your account and login at Grower Tools. Then 
  4. Contact us and send us your Blockchain Financial username and your Grower Tools username so we can track you down and issue the upgrade on the Growers Network.
  5. That's it! Once you're leveled up you'll be able to add your Blockchain Financial API keys at GrowBot so you can start trading!

If you need assistance, don't hesitate on contacting us through any of our channels.

Happy trading!

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