Sequence, Dynamic to be delisted. Other wallets updated.

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Wallets updated

We're glad to announce the update of Pandacoin, Bitcore and Pirate Chain in our systems. It was a short update tho 

Sequence and Dynamic going down in our systems

Long story short: after our years of operation, Sequence and Dynamic have been there, but the only deposits registered are those we made for tests.

There is a neglectible amount of trades on our records, and they were placed mostly again the same coins we used for testing in production.

So, since nobody from the Sequence and Dynamic communities came here to use our products, we decided to save resources for coins coming soon.


That's all for now. Stick to our news feeds, we're working on several things that will come up later on.

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Nov 5, 2021 5:41 PM (3 months ago)

Thank you for this beautiful project
you are doing your job seriously,
I wish you continued success.