Second update of the price indexes deployed

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We finished with the adjustments to the price indexes fetcher and builder. Now market prices for all listed assets are taken from their USD values from CoinGecko, then converted to all the fiat currencies and cross-converted against the other crypto assets.

There were a couple of fixes we applied:

  • The SuperAble HRC20 token here is not listed in CoinGecko, but there's an asset with the same ticker symbol ("ABLE") listed there.
    We noticed that the ABLE token here was getting the price from the ABLE token in CoinGecko, so we skipped it from the incoming listing.
  • The same happened to Photizo. There's another asset in CoinGecko with the same ticker ("PHO").
  • In both cases, prices fallback to the last recorded price in our database.

At this point, there will be slight differences in some of the market prices, but they won't be drastic.

And we're still recurring to the latest recorded prices in the database when no rates are coming from CoinGecko.

Note: this fallback exists before the change we reversed previously. Local trades are not affecting the price indexes.

Final change to come

The final change will be drastic, and it will affect our exchange:

  • If no price comes from CoinGecko, there will be no fallback to 1 Satoshi and no recorded price will be taken.
  • It won't be possible to make orders on the exchange using market or dynamic rates against the affected assets: only fixed rates will be allowed.

Before that final change is released, we'll have to suspend operations in our exchange and remove all orders using market/dynamic rates for all affected assets, for instance:

  • All HRC20 tokens except CDEX, which is the only one actually listed at CoinGecko:
  • Any other sub-satoshi coin (like HTML and PND if it goes down at some point) against BTC. Other markets will be updated accordingly.

Regarding GRWI and ONIX

Since GRWI is no longer receiving price updates, we'll remove it from the exchange and other systems so it can only be deposited for swapping it for ONIX.

The ONIX base rate will be respected, but since the new price indexes algo is based on USD, we'll need to stick it to the USD value of the honored rate (30 sats/ONIX). This measure will be taken down once ONIX gets listed in CoinGecko.

Once all is set, we go for listings as planned

We'll first go over CoinGecko. Once we're there, we'll go over CoinMarketCap.

But that will take some time. We expect to start the procedure during the first half of January 2022.

We still have work to do. Once the markets stabilize we'll get to the final stage.

In the mean time: if you have any orders placed in our exchange, check the rates and make sure they reflect your expectations.

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