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Our hosting provider notified us about an issue discovered in their network that might hit many customers, including us.

If you start experiencing slowness in our website or it becomes unreachable, be patient and come back after a few hours.

Note: our wallets are on different servers on separate networks, on other data centers, and only our website server might be affected. Maybe our mail server too, but not the wallet daemon hosts.

As a preventive measure, we will stop all background processes for a few hours, so deposits will come to our wallets but they won't be credited until we're sure there are no communication issues with our wallet hosts that might lead to transactions being skipped due to network intermittence.

We'll keep monitoring our systems until we are told that the issue was fixed. Once everything comes back to normal -hopefully after a few hours- we'll notify everyone on our official channels.

By the way: we finished replying to all pending support requests and processed all withdrawal requests from the past days. There are a few pending withdrawals that we'll review after this lapse.

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Oct 17 5:23 AM (1 months ago)

Thank you so much 

0 Alpha Ibrahim Guest
Oct 17 9:14 AM (1 months ago)

I hope you allow trading crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat.

0 knarfvon