Our PMs system has been restricted

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We've received a handful of reports from people that has been scammed by users attempting to trade SVM over our messaging system.

It also happened on our Telegram group.

We can't do anything against it on Telegram, but we can do it in our messaging system.

It is a sad action, but it is needed since there are a lot of new users in our platform and a big amount of them has a minimum level of crypto education, and, to be honest, their common sense fails.

So, in order to protect them from becoming victims of nasty users that promise a good buck for their precious tokens, we raised the required level to send PMs.

We'll later implement some sort of automatic allowance based on some parameters.

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Oct 20 8:36 PM (1 months ago)

Nice move,,,, scammers are everywhere looking for whom to scam. 

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