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During the past months we raised the security bar a lot to prevent withdrawals being broadcasted by hacked or potentially hacked accounts. We started implementing administrative review of all withdrawals while we worked on other measures.

We concluded with the upgrades on the withdrawals processing methodology/algo and deployed the changes. We'll monitor their behavior while keeping safety locks on.

The good part of these changes is that admin review will no longer be required for most withdrawal requests:

  • If you have 2fa enabled, you'll get withdrawals broadcasted instantly.
  • If not, you'll be notified by email with a link to confirm the withdrawal.

There are several considerations that you should take:

  • New accounts won't be able to withdraw any assets for 24 hours.
  • There's an impersonation check for withdrawals sent by different user accounts from the same location.
  • If you change your nickname, email, password, 2FA settings or IPs whitelist (among other critical account details), you won't be able to take anything out for 24 hours.

We'll give a few days to the changes and tune them when necessary, but we are confident enough on their accuracy that we won't need admin review from now on.

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