Do you want to get some MotaCoins at a great price? Take a look at tour Giveaway Sell!

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 Sale event finished on August 23, 2020.

To celebrate the addition of MotaCoin to our available coins, their team gave a generous MOTA donation to us.

And to celebrate the donation, we decided to make a great giveaway using two of our key features: Multimarket Orders and Giveaway Trading.

What are Multimarket Orders?

Blockchain Financial's exchange doesn't work like a regular exchange. Every buy or sell order can be set to trade against more than one coin:

What are Giveaway Trades?

In order to help teams promote their coins, we allowed special account types that can be used to:

  • Give extra coins when selling to another users, or
  • Give back certain amount of coins when purchasing them from other users.

Both use cases without sacrificing market prices!

What's the actual deal?

Purchase any amount of MotaCoin from our Giveaways account at market price and get 10% 20% extra coins for free!!!

It is a kind of 20% off on your purchase, and you can get your MOTA with any of the other 14 coins we support!

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Multimarket ordersGiveaway Trading

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