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Icomancer License Upgrade Coupon

icomancer is a folder icons composer for Windows (XP, 7~10) that lets you craft folder icons with ease! You can change folder colors, add textures, add custom icons and even embed your own pictures!

USD$14.99 USD$4.99

Sold by:
LAVA SoftWorks

Full description

We have a permanent discount for icomancer when you purchase it through LAVA Softworks, but if you purchase your license here at the BCF Marketplace, you’ll get a bigger discount!

  • Standard price: $14.99
  • Buying with BCF wallets from the website$7.49 (50% off!)
  • Buying it here: $4.99 (66% off!)

(Prices shown in USD, but you pay with any of the coins supported by BCF)

Note: with your purchase over this marketplace, you’ll get a coupon code for a free to standard license upgrade. This coupon can be redeemed on icomancer, and you’ll receive your code and instructions by email after the payment is processed.

Download icomancer freeware version from here.

About icomancer

icomancer is a folder icons composer for MicrosoftTM Windows®️ operating systems. Its sole pourpose is to help you to quickly identify specific folders among dozens to hundreds in your storage devices by embodying a special, easy-to-see, nice-with-the-eye icon you craft in a composition window.

Some pieces of software allow you to assign pre-made icons to your folders, some of them with embedded icons to mark them by content type or relevance. icomancer goes beyond that, allowing you to play with appearance controls and get exactlywhat you want.

But color is not all that matters! you can use textures in your folders, imprint your own pictures and even embed add-on icons to set the folder content type!

Content matters

The strength of icomancer relies on its content. As a free user, you get a basic content pack that will fit your basic composition needs!

But what is icomancer’s content? well, everything!

  • Folder templates to match your OS style.
  • Color palettes with variations and special effects.
  • Texture packs to create opaque textured folders or translucent texture + color comps.
  • Add-on icon packs to mark your folders by content type.

Get premium contents

icomancer is free for personal and commercial use for individuals and small companies, but by upgrading your account from the free model to the standard (paid) model, you not only help us pay the bills, you’ll also get access to premium content packs like these:




And there are more on the icomancer gallery!

Get your coupon code now!

Through icomancer’s upgrade page at LAVA Softworks you purchase your license upgrade from free to standard in a fully automated way, but by doing it over this marketplace, you’ll get a coupon for your license upgrade. This coupon can be redeemed on icomancer, and you’ll receive your code and instructions by email after the payment is processed.