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Advantages for users

Basically, every button is a potential leech, since you can deploy it on every website that allows it. But since buttons belonging to registered websites (with us) have a face (the website), the buttons made into the “Piggy Bank” are the de-facto leeches we talk about.

·         If you’re one of those users that continuously post entire articles on third party websites or even elaborated critics on comments systems and you’re not getting enough economic reward for your work, you may want to tell those sites about our system so you get some tips in Cryptocurrencies.

·         If you have a website and want to promote it to drag some traffic, by creating some buttons you can let them loose around other websites in our network and grab some users without having to spend tenths to hundreds of dollars in fake “like” generation companies that will give you a thousand fake users.

·         If you have friends in the crypto ecosystems, you can send them the link to your button by email and have them opening it directly without going to some website.

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