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Selling goods or services

Express 1-click purchases

When you have a storefront and you can inject the button link, you end up using entry_id, entry_title and entry_data parameters after every item you have available on the page:

Important:the “entry_data” parameters may be empty when the user hasn’t logged into your store. So, you have two options:

1.      Do not render the link for the button for offline users and render it when they open a session so you can put their id on the “ref” parameter

2.      Render the buttons without the “entry_data” parameters and, when you get the notification, manually take the proper steps.

As an option on checkout

If you want to put the button as a payment option on the checkout page of your storefront, it comes easier to track the purchase with the button, since you can pass the order id as entry_id and use the ref parameter for extra info you may need:

Here again, you need to know the user details in advance. If you can’t set them through PHP, you have a last resort: JavaScript. Please revisit the JavaScript hooks for the controller.

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