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Receiving tips and donations

Sitewide donations at the header or footer

These steps are here to show you how to deploy a global donations button to be shown either at the top or at the bottom of your website.

In all cases, public_key should be replaced with the Website Public Key and the button_id is the id of the button from the website you’re using.

1.      Create your website.

2.      Add the buttonizer controller code at the <head> of your website template.

3.      Create your button and set the entry identifier as “my_website_donations”.

4.      Either starting the <body> tag or just before closing it, paste the <a> as it is generated.

That’s it. The button will show the counters for the donations received from any page of your whole website no matter the page where the button is shown.

Per-page donations on your blog

If you want to get a button and account the coins received for a specific page, it is as simple as leaving the entry id empty, so the buttonizer passes the URL to the API.

If you want to set a specific string as entry_id instead of the whole page URL, you must:

1.      Set the button without an entry id.

2.      Pass the entry_id and entry_title to the link as shown below:

Per-article per-author donations on your blog

For this case, you’ll have to define the email of the author as target_data.

Note: if you’re using a CMS, you may need to create a plugin to inject the link code programmatically.

·         To invoke it by letting the page URL and title automatically set as item data:

·         To get coins go to the author without referencing the source article:

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