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How it works

When you receive the code for a button from the Invocation Code Generator, you’re given an assortment of options to copy and paste, all based on a raw URL.

The URL you get looks like this:

For instance, this sample button is the one we use at BCF to ask for donations:

If you paste that link directly on the address bar of a browser window, you will get the CryptoWiz widget in stand-alone mode:


This way you can send the link over an email to your friends or paste it directly on some place, like, Facebook:


But when embedding it on a CryptoWiz Enabled Website, it behaves different:

1.      You get into your favorite forum, which also is CryptoWiz Enabled and want to post something:


2.      After submitting the post, you’ll see the link replaced with a button:


3.      When clicking on the button, the widget will open in the page:


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