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Technical specifications

Meet the “buttonizer”

As simple as a link

As said on the “The way it works” section, when you get the code for a button from the Invocation Code Generator, you’re given a raw URL that looks like this:

That URL is converted into a button on all the CryptoWiz Enabled Websites by the buttonizer script, taking in consideration all the button settings and any override you specify from the source code.


The buttonizer requires jQuery to work. If it isn’t present on the host website, it will be included accordingly.

Invoking the buttonizer

In order to get the buttonizer working, you must include the next <script> tag on the <head> of the page. You may call it at the end, before closing the <body> tag if you prefer:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Then it will look for all <a> tags inside the document and convert them automatically.

For every button being rendered, the buttonizer makes a JSONP call to a script on our API asking for counter and/or table data if the button is set to display it.

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