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How do they look

Let’s take a look at the next post on the BardCanvas website shoutbox:


The widget for the first button (a standard button owned by BardCanvas at BCF, embedded at the BardCanvas website) looks like this:


As you may  notice, if the user places an order, it will be straight from their wallets to the BardCanvas wallets. BardCanvas will pay the fee inbound fee.

The widget for a website-backed leech (the second button) looks like this:


For  this case, Blockchain Financial has a leech on BardCanvas, thus, if a user donates, they’ll pay BardCanvas a leeching fee.

The third button is similar, it is a leech of the “Test Website” button at BCF:


When a user donates to the “Test Website”, they’ll also pay the leeching fee to BardCanvas.

And finally, the fourth button,  a Piggy Bank leech is shown this way on the widget:


Here you can see that the user will send coins to the Test User’s Piggy Bank. So, as in the previous two cases, they will get the coins, pay the standard fee, and BardCanvas will get its compensation with the leeching fee. That’s all.

In short: if someone other than yourself receives coins with their buttons embedded in your website, you get the leeching fee as compensation for their income.

Note: leeching fee is additional, not deducted from the system transaction fee.

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