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The Piggy Bank vs a standard website

The Piggy Bank is universal, and it is not customizable because the hosts make the call upon them.

But, as mentioned on the “Creating a website” section, you can limit how the leeches look in your website, so they don’t wreak havoc with fancy colors or designs.

As for the Piggy Bank buttons, only appearance and coin settings are allowed on the leeches. No entry data can be set, no referral codes, no target overriding. No premium settings either.

Buttons coming from the Piggy Bank are simple and they cannot be pushed further. But buttons from standard websites can be used as leeches! They will suffer the appearance restriction, but advanced settings can be set on them.

The main difference between a button from the Piggy Bank and a button from a standard website lies in how it is identified: Piggy Bank leeches belong to a person that may not have the resources to host a website and they want to build it, and website leeches are backed by their owner, which is also present on our Supported Websites list.

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