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BGA Token Details

These are the BGA Token details as they appear on the WAVES platform blockchain:

Issuer 3P7HYSN4NxDv31vF2mKPHWkPpwE8ACZ7HjD

ID BZzqCsbnArPgnTAvAHchPeauWpB1T73Jq6zzm5ejaafR

Name BGA Token

Total amount 50,000,000

Decimal points 8

Type Not reissuable

Issue date 19.12.2019 22:00

BGA Token is a token used within the BlockGators Army Advertising Network. The token can be used across several platforms for Advertising, Marketing, Entertainment and Gaming.

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To become a voting member is a very important position within the structure of the BGA Token. BGA Token is based on community involvement and decision making. The token value is based on social interaction and will add value through this involvement.


Jul 15, 2020 6:51 PM (1 years ago)

Thanks for the submission, but we don't support Ethereum and similar platforms at this time.

We'll take your post in consideration when we have the interfaces available.

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