HTML and HRC20 tokens giveaway! Tell us a good joke and if you make us laugh, you'll be tipped!

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We got a bunch of HTML and HRC20 tokens kindly provided by coinmakers to test deployments in our platform.

Now we're going to give them away for free in a kind of faucet over the comments on this post!

How to get them

Just use the comments system below to post a joke. A good one. One that makes us laugh. Then we'll tip you with a random amount of HTMLcoins and/or tokens, including Biffy Diamonds, Biffy Plutoniums, Al-Buraqs and Photizos.

Rules and limitations

1. You need to be registered here at BCF and post the joke as comment while logged in. Guest comments won't be tipped.

2. Tips will be limited to once per user per day. If we catch you making clones just to milk our faucet, you'll be banned and your IP, segment, network, gateway or proxy will be blocked.
Side note: we have a clone detection system here. And it does a very good job.

3. No matter if the joke is old or bad. If it makes us laugh, you'll be tipped.

4. Avoid overused or too common jokes. The less known, the better.

5. Do not post memes unless you made them and you can provide proof of authenticity in the same comment.

6. Do not post your jokes as reply of another comment: we'll only tip comments sent to the post, not replies. Yet if a reply to a comment is smart enough and also makes us laugh, it will be subject to be tipped too.

7. Links in comments might be subject to review, so if you get a notification stating that, wait for the mods to check it instead of retrying.

8. The tipping process isn't automatic, so, if we're sleeping, you'll have to wait for us to wake up and check your submission.

That's all for now. So, stop losing time and type your joke below

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Jan 29 11:07 AM (5 months ago)

This is so cool!

Feb 12 8:12 AM (4 months ago)

Why did Mozart kill all of his chickens?



When he asked them who the best composer was, they all replied, "Bach, Bach, Bach."

Feb 12 10:52 AM (4 months ago)

HAHAHA! That's a good one! Sent you some HTML :)

Apr 9 8:45 AM (2 months ago)

Why won’t the government embrace Bitcoin?

They hate the idea of Proof Of Work.